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A History of Excellence

Ataram Oil Company was founded on the principal that the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex needed a distributor that cared about the customer and the customers success.  This was the driving factor behind creating what is today a customer centered distribution model that strives to help the customer grow in every facet of there business.  From supplies to sales, we are here to support you in every way.

We have a team of Account Managers, Office Personnel, and Drivers that are dedicated to getting you the products you need and when you need them right the first time.

Building a Legacy


Is to become the supplier of choice.  To be the foundation that you can build your business on.  We believe in you, the customer, and the potential you have to bigger and better.  With our support and your effort we believe we can succeed against all odds.



We will serve customers with high quality products and service at a fair price and provide solutions to the current and future needs of our customers. We will be customer centric. We will be known as innovator’s in the distribution business. We will empower employees to react quickly to the market, customers, suppliers and other team members. We will provide opportunities for our employees to grow professionally and financially.


Put God first.  Be Honest. Be Fair. Keep Promises. Respect IndividualsCommunicate Openly & Freely. Listen.

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(214) 785-3360

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